We offer motivational keynote speakers, leadership training and consultant services to organizations, colleges, high schools, and universities.


Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Motivational Speaker


Engaging. Passionate. Real.  Presentations designed to motivate and inspire truth in action. 


  • Carrying the Torch for Leadership and Change
    • You have the power to transform the world – but only you can make that choice. This motivational speech challenges participants to think about what it means to be a torchbearer- What issues are you willing to carry the torch for? What are you willing to sacrifice?  And in the end, will you make that choice?
  • Discovering Your Power
    • Power is about influencing outcomes, decisions, and possibilities.  Understanding your sources of power and those around you can not only empower yourself, but also others, enhancing effectiveness.  Why do people disempower, and how can we recognize and counteract its effects?

Leadership Development


Workshops and presentations can be designed on these topics:

  • Enhancing supervisory effectiveness through understanding learning styles and motivation
  • Team development 
  • Underrepresented student outreach
  • Diversity and inclusion

Student Affairs & Academic Affairs Collaboration


When Academic and Student Affairs administrators and staff collaborate, students benefit.  However, collaboration requires understanding how each group functions differently based on culture, communication, time demands, and expectations.  




Increasing Student Engagement


What are the keys to effectively engaging students both in and out of the classroom?  How can we partner with students so they take responsibility for their academic and leadership success? 


Topics include:

  • Increasing student engagement in the classroom (structuring syllabii, classroom standards of interaction, assignments to promote engagement, effective teamwork)
  • Increasing student engagent outside the classroom 

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