Join Dr. Mar's #SassyDreamingTour as we together inspire life's greatest dreamers to make the impossible...possible.  Through real-life anecdotes and inspiring story-telling, she passes the torch as we together ignite your passion and spirit to stand strong, always believing in the power of your dreams...no matter what anyone else says.  During this journey, she works with you and your organization to meet your specific needs. She can bring the torch to share and pass, or she can motivate your team with inspirational stories and lessons that Sassy Dreamers of all ages have shared with her. Since 2005, she has spoken with 1000s and listened to 100s one-on-one share courageous, uplifting, and hopeful stories of determination, struggle, and succes. 

Inspirational moments #SassyDreamingTour
This is Chippy, the Chipmunk--he needed some help holding the torch,we (this brave, strong, little inspirational girl) helped him carry it b/c it was kinda big & heavy...We never really know do we - who exactly we help(nor thetorch they carry),...and we may never know..Beauty of life? It's in the journey... Stay true to you..
Thank you Inova Children's Hospital  (Hematology/Oncology) and Nicole! (9-22-16)


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